All colors are pictured sprinkled on glossy black plastic to simulate a gloss black base coat. 

For a (much) larger version of each picture, on Google Chrome browsers, right click the image and choose "Open image in new tab".

If you have questions about any of the colors or glitter effects don't hesitate to ask us. Head on over to the Contact Us page to ask a question.

Most of the silvers have a pearlescent effect in some lighting (this does not include holographic). The silk colors will usually offer a solid color effect over a dark (preferably black) base coat. Pairing diamond sparkles will add a nice multi-color glitter effect, pairing a diamond sparkle with a silk should offer the solid base color offered by silks with the diamond effect mixed throughout. 

Diamond Silver Sparkle

Diamond Gold Sparkle

Diamond Blue Sparkle Diamond Purple Sparkle Diamond Red Sparkle Diamond Green Sparkle
Silver Sparkle Gold Sparkle Blue Sparkle Purple Sparkle Red Sparkle Green Sparkle
Diamond White Sparkle Diamond Multi-Color Sparkle Diamond Galaxy Sparkle Diamond Chameleon Sparkle Twilight Silk Gold Silk
White Sparkle Multi-Color Sparkle Galaxy (Blue/Purple Dual Color) Chameleon (Yellow-Green/Blue-Teal Dual Color) Twilight (Blue/Purple Dual Color Silk) Gold Silk
Blue Silk Silver Silk
Blue Silk Silver Silk