Liquid Diamonds Turquoise Sparkle

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Liquid Diamonds Turquoise Sparkle. Make your nails sparkle like diamonds.

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Liquid Diamonds Turquoise Sparkle.

Works with acrylics and gels also with the rubbing/burnishing technique. 

  • Using a sponge applicator, eye makeup applicator, or any applicator you're comfortable with apply a small amount to a tacky layer of gel
  • Rub with pressure until a solid layer of glitter is applied to the nail
  • Apply and cure a top coat seal to bring out the effect

Keep in mind, all glitters are different and you may find that you need to experiment a bit before truly getting the effect you desire.

With nail polish:

Enought to make 4-8 bottles (or more, depending on bottle size) of diamond nail polish.

Liquid Diamonds is an amazing glitter that I am proud to offer to anyone that wants to add a unique touch to their nails. Looks like sparkling diamonds in the light with a prominent pearlescent sheen the rest of the time. 

  • Add that special touch to your nails with all your favorite colors
  • You can mix to your preference. Heavy or light, it's up to you 
  • Make a designer polish out of anything 
  • Add it to clear to make a topcoat for all your polish

To use Liquid Diamonds:

To get the glitter into your nail polish bottle, get the (included) straw from your package, squeeze it back to normal, then just push the straw into the glitter bag to get a small scoop, pull it out, and tip the back end of the straw into your nail polish bottle. Give it a little tap and you're good to go. Or you can just use the straw as a scoop and scoop some glitter out and tip it forward into the bottle.

This glitter is cosmetic grade and solvent resistant. Specifically designed to hold up when suspended in nail polish and other cosmetic grade chemicals. Will not lose its effect, dull, or even melt while suspended in any cosmetic chemical.


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Liquid Diamonds Turquoise Sparkle

Liquid Diamonds Turquoise Sparkle

Liquid Diamonds Turquoise Sparkle. Make your nails sparkle like diamonds.

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